Here’s many of the most commonly asked questions.  If you don’t see your question below, contact us now, we’d love to add it.

What do you do?

The short answer is we create digital images and illustrations, and we repair, correct, and enhance photos.

What services do you offer?

We offer photography, retouching, photo repair, product photography, photo restoration, web / print banners, flyers and business cards, custom logos, designs and illustrations, to name a few.  If it involves the digital arts we can probably help. 

I have a photo I need retouched, what’s your process?

Our process is straightforward.  First get started by selecting a package or a’ la carte option(s) that fit your photo(s) needs from our pricing page.  Next email the photo(s) to us at retouchdr(at)gmail.com.  We will perform the operations you’ve requested.  When we’re finished, you’ll receive a proof via email and an attached invoice for the services you requested.  After payment, we’ll email your completed photo(s) back to you.

What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is simple.  Any information submitted on our site that’s within our control is kept private.  We never share or solicit your information!  Unless prohibited by the man*.

How do I send you my photo?

Send photos to retouchdr(at)gmail.com via your email provider.  If a file is too large for email we suggest TransferBigFiles, it’s a fast and free service.  We also offer FTP for our commercial clients. 

Do you offer bulk pricing?

Yes we do!  Please contact us to discuss options and bulk rates.

What are your turnaround times?

We make every attempt to have all a’la carte & Check-Up procedures back to you within 24 hrs.  We strive to have our Out-Patient services completed and returned within 36 hrs.  We also strive to return all Code Blue alterations back within 48 hrs.  This does however depend on what you request and our current work load for the day.  You can contact us to verify our daily turnarounds*.  All turnarounds exclude weekends and holidays.

Why do you guys find it necessary to “correct” beautiful people?

It’s true, ALL people are beautiful!  A photograph is simply a snapshot in time.  Unlike video or “real-life”, a person in a photo is sometimes “paused” at inopportune times.  We work to make everyone look as beautiful in the photo as they are in real life.

My skin looks really bumpy in the photo, why is this?

One common cause is harsh lighting. Skin textures can be overly exaggerated.  We can help correct this.

Do you guys retouch nude photos?

We will retouch artistic nudes.  We will not retouch pornographic material.  

How much time do you spend on a picture?

That depends on what needs to be done and what procedures the client chooses.  Some photos need as little as 30 minutes while others need 8hrs or more.

I have a grainy picture that I love, can you fix it?

Yes, we can often remove and soften minor photo grain caused from shooting at elevated ISO’s.  Please keep in mind though, some photos with heavy grain can only be helped and not totally repaired by our process.

I have a blurry sports photo, can you help?

Blur is a problem that’s difficult to correct.  We have had success in some instances though.  Your best bet is to send us the photo and we will let you know if we can help.

What’s creative processing?

Creative processing is using artistic liberties to enhance your photo(s).  We can create black and white conversions, perform tonal changes, apply cross processing, or even add a vintage or modern feel to name a few.

My eyes look weird in a photo, can you help?

Yes we can.  When we smile in a photo our face muscles are sometimes pulled asymmetrically.  We can often fix this and correct your photo.

My newborn has splotchy colored skin can you fix it?

Yes we can!  We often see this with little-ones.  We can correct skin tones and make your baby look natural.

Can you slim my waist and help my stretch marks?

Yes we can!  Simpy select our Nip-Tuck option for a single correction or our Code Blue package.  Our process helps with slimming and contouring the body.  We can also smooth stretch marks and reverse the effects of our evil arch-nemesis gravity!

What if I need my job rushed?

We offer rush services via our a’ la carte option and can often get your photo back to you sooner than our standard turnarounds.*

I have a far away photo can you make it close?

Yes, but not without some loss of image quality.  The best option is to send us the photo and we’ll let you know how we can help.

I have advertisements in the photo, can you remove them.

We can remove advertisements; we will not remove copyrights, watermarks, and signatures.

Why do you need additional photos for some jobs?

When available, additional photo(s) that contain(s) other information is helpful for removing cars, buildings, or doing other swaps.

What type of files do you want?

Whenever possible we prefer RAW, DNG files.  JPG files will also work.  We can accept any photo or file you have available, but remember, bigger is better.

What’s a RAW file?

A RAW file is a proprietary file that allows more influence over major aspects of the photo.

What’s a DNG file?

A DNG (digital negative) file is a non-proprietary file extension that allows more influence over major aspects of the photo.

Do you use clipart?

Ohhhh Hellllz No! We proudly DO NOT use clipart. 

What payments do you accept?

At this time we accept payments via SquareUp.  This payment option is secure and fast.

Why should I choose you?

Retouching is an art form and not all artists are created equal.  We have spent years in the industry and have trained eyes for aesthetic retouching. 

We pride ourselves on  professionalism.  We stand behind every job we do.  We never require attribution. 

We do all of our own retouching in-house and never send your images to third parties for retouching.  

Because we’re Americans and the money we earn will be spent locally…mostly on coffee.

How do I get a custom logo?

Simply CONTACT US today and we can discuss ideas that go into creating your custom logo.

What if I’m not happy with the results?

No worries, if you’re not happy, we’re not happy.  If you don’t like what we’ve done when you receive your proof, you pay nothing.  Please note, once you approve your proof(s) and submit your payment no refunds are allowed.

Do you retain any rights to the photos you retouch?

No.  We perform “work for hire”.  The images are yours to do with as you choose or as applicable by law*.

Are there photos you won’t retouch?

We will not retouch photos you don’t own the modification rights to.  We will not retouch photos that violate any applicable laws*.

Do you have a yelp or google profile? A bit strange to have a company with no names of actual people there.

Our retouching house is kept ambiguous so as not to conflict with our personal photography pages.  This also allows us to charge substantially less then we could as individuals. 

I don’t see my question here, now what?

Simply contact us, we would love to answer and add your question to our FAQ page.

*Some restrictions may apply, void where prohibited.