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At Dr. Retouch, we assist individuals, business owners, models, photographers, & MUAS, with image and design creation, and photo enhancement. We work closely with you to achieve the look & feel that fits your brand.

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Professional Photography, Retouching & Design Services

We strive to capture and create visually dynamic images and designs. If you're not sure what you'd like, we'd be happy to help by providing guidance and creative direction.
At Dr. Retouch, we strive to keep our pricing as affordable & simple as possible. We offer various levels of service. If you need bulk pricing we can also custom tailor a package just for you!

We Handle All Of Your Photo & Design Needs

If It Involves An Image, We Can Help. We Create & Enhance Photos, Logos, Designs, Business Cards, Flyers, Book Covers, Banners, Signage And Lots More Cool Things!

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CONTACT US TODAY: retouchdr@gmail.com

About Our Company

We're located in the beautiful coffee infused PNW. We spend our days creating images and illustrations. We repair, correct, and enhance photos. Professionally in the industry since 2008. We have trained eyes for aesthetic retouching and creating an end product that rocks socks!